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Project Summary 

Inspire C.O.D.E. (Creation of Dynamic Experiences) is a summer workshop aimed to bring fun and engaging coding activities. Our workshops are for pediatric cancer patients of San Diego County in the summer of 2019. The workshops will teach the basics of “drag & drop” (block) programming with the Codey Rocky Robots. We created these workshops to help pediatric cancer patients become distracted from their treatments and give them hope for their future. 

Look at one of the amazing faces that was made on the Codey Rocky robot!

So focused on coding!


Inspire C.O.D.E’s main focus is to teach pediatric cancer patients about coding and STEM. During our workshop, we will be using a robot called Codey Rocky. With the Codey Rocky, kids can watch their virtual coding turn into tangible learning experiences in real time. With its multiple sensors and an interactive interface, the robot interacts with and responds to its environment.

Meet the Founders!

Shayda Moezzi

Shayda Moezzi is currently a junior at Carlsbad High School. Driven to inspire girls of all ages to pursue careers in STEM, Shayda joined her school’s all-girls robotics team and takes on the role of software lead. Shayda is also a researcher at the Science and Engineering Research Facility at UCSD, captain and co-president of Science Olympiad at Carlsbad High, president of Project F.E.E.D, and treasurer for the Red Cross Club. Leadership and giving back to her community are major aspects of Shayda’s life, serving as a leader in the Carlsbad Educational Foundation’s Student Leadership Academy, and donating to homeless shelters through Project F.E.E.D.. Additionally, she has built up programming experience by coding several programs analyzing interstellar composition as part of her research efforts, as well as coding on her school’s robotics team. When she is not studying or coding, she enjoys playing tennis, piano, and plays the cello with the University of San Diego. Shayda hopes to use such enthusiasm and passion through this project by teaching patients that nothing can hold them back from pursuing what life truly has to offer.

Hannah Hong

Hannah Hong is currently a Junior at Carlsbad High School. Hannah has played the violin for seven years and is currently performs in her school’s Chamber orchestra. Alongside her love for music, she also has developed a strong passion for engineering and robotics. She is currently the captain of the all-girls robotics team at Carlsbad High, The Robopuffs. Her robotics team inspires girls in their local community to pursue careers in STEM. Through robotics, she was nominated to receive the Dean’s List Award awarded by Dean Kamen through his organization FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). She and two others were nominated and received the award out of over 200 applicants in San Diego County. Hannah is also a varsity athlete in her school’s Track and Field program where she competes in long jump and triple jump. Outside of school, she is a second-degree black belt in Shotokan and has been training for over 11 years. She aspires to inspire the future generation through her project C.O.D.E, and instill the same passion for robotics she has, in others.

Check out some pictures of our program!